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Unsaint Lucifire (We Bring the Light) lyrics

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Lucifire (We Bring the Light) lyrics by Unsaint

Scarred, you're bleeding
Obscure shapes roam the past
Blind to the light you follow to sacrifice
The herd is your life

Or is there something deeper
down inside you
It's breathing new faith into your mind
cannot stop it – it's more than alive
You know what's real
It's happening here

Better start
thinking on your own
See things as they are
no matter it hurts
Free will is not a heresy
Freedom of thought
is your greatest sin

In this age and In this world
you ought to forget

your fucking soul
In the age after death of god
We choose a path
for the righteous ones

we reject illusions/ Not a sulfur
we reject the cults/ Not a fire
we reject illusions/ We bring the light
we reject the cults/ That burns the liars

See idols rising, shell of divinity
Final confrontation, bullshit you are feeding me
It's like a virus, like a stab!
Eating through my insides, though I have a perfect drug

We bring the light, fiery cleansing
We bring the light, mindless feeding frenzy
Reality drowning under the ice
We bring the light that burns the liars

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