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Touch lyrics by Usher

No one can separate
The bound that we share
'Cause everytime
I run and stand
It still going nowhere

I just can't
Get over your touch
I get a rush
It builds up
So dangerous
The way you hold me
It just feels so right
I'm hypnotized
It's taking over
My mind and
(Just can't get
Over your touch)

(Chris Classic):
The way you move it
The way I touch you
I'm just proving
How good I'll fuck you
Off the Richter
Off the meter
Misses Applebaum, Bonita
Know you feel that
Where my hands at
Makes me not care
Where your mans at
I have not fear
Girl, I'm past that
I just want you
Asking me
'Where ya' pants at?
In the morning
After an evening
Lots of moaning
Heavy breathing
Body's socking
Showers steaming
Got you open
Loud and screaming
Call it passion
Call it lust

Call it classic
Call it a must
Lay it down deep girl
All in your guts
Feel the rush
That starts
With a touch


(Chris Classic):
Now when I met you
Knew I shouldn't
Get attached
But after one touch
It had me coming back
Sweat running down
The side of your hip
I'm tongue
Kissing all of your lips
I mean all four
You on all fours
Four Season hotel
I'm on tour
Just reason
To see you some more
Even gave you
The keys to my door
I don't usually
Get chicks used to me
That's just prove to be
Too much drama
But girl
I wanna meet your mama
Make her say 'bout time
Just like Obama
I got baggage
You got baggage
We should unpack it
Before we stack it
Who are we kidding
We know our status
Had a lot of bad chicks
You the baddest

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