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Deine Lakaien Overpaid lyrics

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Overpaid lyrics by Deine Lakaien

Two wishes, a lifetime
A sad and real man
And hoping for money
A higher grade
The beggars are waiting
They've got enough time
Time that you are missing
But don't shout it out:

Taxi driver telling you
Nasty things you'll never do
And the thief is watching still
With that sinful tiny king
My adored beloved one
Give me kisses burning sun

Meet me later at the bar
And the devil's dancer's car
Sit down, wait and enter hell
Share the laughter, put a spell
On the ones that smile too much
And walk upstairs and touch the sky
And drink my tears and dance tonight

Betray betray betray betray
Marching down the hill
Overpaid overpaid overpaid overpaid

Will you pay the bill
Money is a friend of mine
And I will never thrill
Overpaid overpaid let me pay the bill
Influence my will

Masterpieces are for sale
Naked bodies ring the bell
Mister goodtimes knows for sure
Any splendid new encore
Enter now his secret room
Walk around and sip teardrops
Lay down by the golden side
And make love 'til morning light
Enjoy the laughter, put a spell
On the ones that talk too much
At the top climax countdown
And run downstairs
And touch the ground
And eat my sins
And dance tonight

Betray betray ...

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