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Exodus Choose Your Weapon lyrics

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Pleasures Of The Flesh
Choose Your Weapon lyrics by Exodus

Pleasures Of The Flesh
Choose Your Weapon

So you think you're good and ready?
If you do your bubble is gonna burst
We're getting whipped into a frenzy
And you're the one we'll punish first
We've got our muscles pumped and primed
To release our devastating force
Non-stop unrelenting aggression
To us is par for the course!

I hate to love
And love to hate
There's no need to negotiate
So choose your weapon
And choose your fate
It doesn't matter 'cause by then
It's too late!

We'll deliver an assault to your senses
And drive you into the ground
You can rely on us for action
Never stop or slow down
Always running into danger
Taking the lion by the throat

Obeying no law but our own
Violence is what we promote!

(repeat chorus)

solo- Gary
solo- Rick

(c)1987 Relativity Records, Inc.
All songs (c)1987 Feeding Frenzy Music/BMI
All rights reserved

Exodus is:

Gary Holt - Guitars Tom Hunting - Drums
Steve Souza - Vocals Rob McKillop - Bass
Rick Hunolt - Guitars

Available on COMBAT records, a division of Relativity Records, Inc.


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