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Exodus Seeds Of Hate lyrics

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Pleasures Of The Flesh
Seeds Of Hate lyrics by Exodus

Pleasures Of The Flesh
Seeds Of Hate
(Exodus, Baloff)

Hatred is spreading like the plague
The fuse is cut the line's been frayed
The third world's a time bomb ready to blow
Soon the earth will explode!

How can we help you
If you don't know
The ending of the fate?
Would you help us
Raise the terror
Against the seeds of hate

Martyrs dying for their cause
Giving their lives to take ours

Believing that what they do is right
But now we'll help them see the light

(repeat chorus)

Innocent victims cry out in pain
Nations are under attack
Tension and anger are building within
Now is the time to fick back
Helpless civilians they hope for solutions
To problems that have to be solved
Now's the time for action, no time for retraction
Now you will stand
Or you will fall!

first, third and fifth leads- Gary
second, fourth and sixth leads- Rick

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