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Case Turns Me On lyrics

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Turns Me On lyrics by Case

Sugar you do mmm mmm
my my baby yeah ooou

The more you play hard to get
the more you turn me on
The more you don't want to mess with me
the more I gotta get you home
Never had a girl I want
make me wait so long
oh girl that shit turns me on

Let me tell you about this girl that's got me out my way
Doing things I never do saying things I never say
she beactin' all sadiddy frontin' with her crew
try to speak and she be acting brand new
When all the time I know she probably feeling me
she just don't want to come off like she too easy
and normally I wouldn't even take the time
but she blows my mind


Oooh no games no tricks baby
tryin' to get to know you, wanna get close to you
cause every time our eyes meet something comes over me
so stop playing I'm gonna make you mine
so let's not waste our time


she knows she can get it
(turns me on)
she try to front like she ain't with it
(turns me on)
and she wont admit it
(turns me on she turns me on she turns me on)

know that I want it babe
making me want you more now
said that I want you more now

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