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The Travels
Kumla Lyrics Molly Nilsson lyrics by Molly Nilsson

let's be friends forever
real friends are hard to find
yeah, I hope we'll sleep together
at least ten years to life

will you visit me in prison
will you bail me out of jail
will you bake me cakes with files
will you help me to escape

everything must fall one day
strongest ropes and chains will break
there's something more to that than gravity
there are worse things that could be scaring me
you know there's nothing I wouldn't do
hell I'd break the law for you

cause I know you'd visit me in prison
I know you'd bail me out of jail

I know you'd bake the cakes with files
I know you'd help me to escape

last night I dreamt we were forgiven
but it was more than just a dream
all the lives that we've been living
weren't enough as bad as it seemed
the kind of release we're always waiting for
takes a friend to open that door

you know I'd visit you in prison
I'd get the cash for your bail
you know I'd bake you cakes with files
and arrange the ride for your escape

I'll be waiting by the gate

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