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MOODY BLUES The Spirit lyrics

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The Other Side Of Life
The Spirit lyrics by MOODY BLUES

Moody Blues
The Other Side Of Life
The Spirit
(Graeme Edge, Patrick Moraz)

The sun and moon every day
Day and night mark my play
See the future in the past
Try to change or make it last
Go for broke don't regret
Get your hands dirty get your feet wet
Take your place use me well
I'm in your hands so make me tell
A broken dream seems unkind
But I can help for I am time

I can heal you
It's not a matter of slight
Only of sound
Let me... feel for you
Feel for yourself

The love all around
I can... lead you
Is your soul afraid
Of what you've made
Do you know the way the spirit goes

All around on the wind
Distant whispers of what I bring
In the day in the night
Locked in words of lovers delight
If i'm lost or mislaid
Just keep looking don't be afraid
In the eye on the mind
I'm everywhere and yours to find
I'm not far just discover
I'm in you for I am love


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