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Rita Ora Hello, Hi, Goodbye lyrics

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Hello, Hi, Goodbye lyrics by Rita Ora

And now it's hello, hi, goodbye
My heart no overlove, hello, hi goodbye
My heart fell no gimme, hello, hi goodbye
In the other time, I'll be down, hello, hi goodbye
Put that thing in me is gold

I know you wish somehow I could explain
I'm still numb from the pain
And I don't want to know your name
Please get up and walk away
I don't wanna fall in love again

Don't want to start anything that could end
I know you think you can get through to me
But I will lock and lost in a century
I already know how this goes
Laid down, broken, heart broke
I hate you, or, you hate me, or, I'll take you, or you'll break me, or
And now I'm scared, cause I've been there
Stuck in this prison, No optimism

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