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Ryan Leslie #Winning lyrics

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#Winning lyrics by Ryan Leslie

#Winning (R. Leslie)

I'm winning, I'm winning
I'm winning, I'm winning

I'm riding thru the city getting money like I'm dealing
You know I love this feeling, you know I love this feeling
I'm ridin' thru the city getting' money like I'm dealing
You know I love this feeling, you know I love this feeling

I'm on, I'm on - I'm winning, I'm winning (4x)

[Verse 1]
It was 'bout twelve years in the making - my overnight sensation
We did it independent, we ain't need no radio station
So it's a celebration, getting money every night
When you work this hard and got this much talent, it's only right
I started selling beats, I'm on to bigger things
Studio for weeks - boy that music in my veins
I ain't never scared. What's the point of that?
Corey Webster on the field if I'm a cornerback


[Verse 2]

My city never sleeps - so I ain't sleeping either
I'm never going under, I'm a chronic overachiever
That lemon Lamborghini cost two-hundred twenty stacks
That gold on that wrist will tell you where the money's at
(Right here)
In and out of every city with my entourage
Touch down in Dallas winning with my homie Taj
G5 to Nevada we on that Vegas strip
Duffle bag full of hundreds when I take a trip


[Verse 3]
You play the game of speculating what a boss is worth
That's when the money, cars and clothes become a boss' curse
You'd probably have it too if you could do a boss' work
Awesome success just means you also deal with awesome hurt
I've lost a lot of friends, I've lost a lot of cash
I lost my baby when she left me, yeah I lost that ass!
I lost so many memories it's like I lost my past!
So if I'm dying young, I guess that mean I'm living fast


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